Discovery Call

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  • 30 min. Telephone Call
  • Welcome Package

Somewhere between your search for the right interior designer and hiring us, we need to have an honest conversation about your design project. Can we talk about EVERYTHING in a half-hour? No, but we can accomplish a lot more than you think!

We are going dig deeper into the design goals you have, the project budget, ideal timelines for design work and completion, and learn more about the right service options for your needs and location.

Purchase Instructions

  1.  You'll receive an email following your purchase with your log-in details.
  2.  Book your Appointment & complete Intake Questions right away.
  3.  Review our Welcome Packet before our call to be prepared for a discussion about your goals.
  4.  During our call, commit to be distraction free and perhaps have downloaded and completed our Start-up Checklist.
  5.  From there, you can purchase a Project Consultation or follow our Direct-To-Proposal Option.