Direct-to-Proposal Consultation

Direct-To-Proposal Consultation

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The Direct-To-Proposal Consultation option is designed for Prospective Clients who have a solid idea of what their project is and what they want. You will provide us with several inspiration images per room (usually Pinterest boards), a reasonably accurate floor plan, a strong budget, and a completed design questionnaire.

There is no fee for this option; however it is important to note that we can not be responsible for information and details that are not provided to us during this process. Should we uncover such a surprise during any phase while we are working together, we will pause our work and bill hourly until we are caught up until where we need to be.


Direct-To-Proposal Instructions

  1.  Please note that there is no real design work that happens during this service because we are still working out the project parameters. If you are looking for design advice, this is a Design Consultation.
  2.  Following your "Purchase", and because you are in our system, you will automatically have access to your your project file. We will need to turn on the ability for you to upload inspiration images and generally complete this within 24 hours of purchase.
  3.  Download the digital assets we provide and review them prior to our appointment.
  4.  Upload your Inspiration Images, Floor Plan, and other before photos into the "Info" area beneath this description (scrolling down once purchased.)
  5.  Book your Proposal appointment as soon as possible to ensure you receive the time-slot that works for you.
  6.  Prepared for a discussion and to receive questions. We recommend you take your own notes during our meeting. For the best efficiency, commit to be being distraction free during our face-to-face consultation.
  7.  Corey arrives promptly and there is no need for the "milk and cookie" treatment because we want to get to work right away. If you happen to miss your appointment by 15 minutes or more, you will need to re-purchase a Project Consultation.
  8.  Following the Proposal, we will have your Contract prepared with your first invoice and once we receive your payment we can advise you when the design work will begin (because all work is driven by our current workload and commitments.)

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