Laundry Room Design

$3360 CAD


  • 30 Minute Video Consultation

$3,200 + 5% G.S.T.

Online Interior Design services are ideal for the homeowner who wants to implement their project by purchasing and managing their timeline on their own.

By purchasing this service you agree to our Online Interior Design Agreement.

Online Client Instructions:

This service requires commitment from you to be involved and you agree to these terms upon purchase. It is imperative that you be ready to work and have the time dedicated in their schedule to work on this design package.

  1.  This design service will take about 6 weeks to complete and you will need to be available to answer messages during that period. We can not offer extensions so please ensure that your schedule will permit your involvement prior to purchase.
  2.  Within the first 3-4 week period you will receive a couple 2D black & white line drawing conceptual layouts to select your design solution from. We will also provide you with furnishings and hard finishes for your review. Once all preliminaries are approved, we will then finalize your design package.
  3.  Following your purchase of this e-design package, you are automatically added to our Client Portal with access to your project file; however, we will need to turn on some features for you to upload Inspiration Images. This is generally completed within 24 hours following your purchase.
  4.  We strongly encourage you to download the digital assets we included with your package. Please read them and outline any questions you may have.
  5.  Book your Welcome Video Conference immediately after your purchase to ensure you receive the time-slot that works fo for you. Appointments are available Tuesday to Thursday between 10a-6p PT in Metro Vancouver.
  6.  Upload a minimum of 10-15 Room Inspiration Images directly into your Client Portal as soon as possible. We use these images as a jumping off point to use in order to curate your new space and suggest the right retailers near you. Inspiration images must be uploaded within 3 days of purchasing your package or our 6 week timeline will not work.
  7.  Next, please complete the Questionnaire right away! We recommend setting aside 1-2 hours to complete it and please be as detailed and comprehensive as possible when answering questions because it helps us help you the best way we can. The Questionnaire must also be completed within 3 days of purchasing your package or our 6 week timeline will not work.
  8.  We also provide you with Self-Measurement instructions for you to complete, scan, and upload into Measures. Again, the Self-Measurement instructions must be uploaded within 3 days of purchasing your package or our 6 week timeline will not work.
  9.  Take existing overall photos of the room you want to design and furniture or artwork you want to incorporate into your design. You may take these photos with your smartphone ensuring they are not blurry, reduced in size, pixelated, and the areas are well-lit. Once complete upload them into Existing Photos, but please ensure the 3 day timeline after purchase is meet so we can stay on schedule.
  10.  We expect that during our work together that we both will respond to each others messages in a timely manner. We need a maximum of 3 days to reply, outside of weekends and holidays.
  11.  Once your online edesign is finalized, purchasing is in your hands on your own timeline. It will be your responsibility to purchase products, arrange delivery, assemble and place products according to our recommended layout.

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