Free 30min Project Discovery Call

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  • Start-up Checklist

Our relationship has to start somewhere between you thinking about your design project and seeking the right professional for your needs. Some designers offer free in-person meeting, some don’t take initial meetings, but we want to start by finding out what you need, at no cost to you, and determine if we can work together.


  1.  Discuss your intake questions, budget, and timeline.
  2.  Uncover hot-button issues that could be project challenges.
  3.  Reveal how we work and schedule a Project Consultation.

Package Instructions

  1.  Following your Purchase, you'll receive an email with log-in details.
  2.  Book your Appointment & complete Intake Questions right away.
  3.  Download your Deliverables, read them to prepare for our call.
  4.  Be prepared for a discussion and to receive questions.
  5.  For the best efficiency, commit to be being distraction free during our call.
  6.  Corey will call you promptly and try once more in 5 minutes. If you are unavailable you will need to rebook.

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