Welcome Home

$5580 CAD

Level of difficulty

  • 1build
  • 2build
  • 3build

Price range of products

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  • 2monetization_on
  • 3monetization_on


  • Questionnaire
  • Shopping list
  • Mood board
  • Client Project Planner eBook ($25 value)
  • Furniture Plans

Have you just moved into a new home or condo and looking for help to pull it all together? Then our Welcome Home package is perfect for you! Ideally suited for one room, our professional team will help you fit and furnish from concept to completion for 30 hours of design work. Price above includes 5% G.S.T.


  1.  Meet for 1 hour at your home to review the rooms you have in mind. We'll discuss the problems and challenges you're facing on-site.
  2.  Research and select the right products for you, whether that be our trade-only resources or from local retailers you like to shop at.
  3.  Assemble your package with everything inside of our Client Portal for you to review, approve, and print.
  4.  Install all the goods in your home for 1x 6hr day and complete the styling of the space.


Package Instructions

  1.  This package requires a level of commitment and involvement from every homeowner. It is important to be as detailed as possible and do not be afraid of "over-sharing" because your information is confidential.
  2.  Following your Purchase, and because you are in our system, you will automatically have access to your your project file.
  3.  We will need to turn on the ability for you to upload inspiration images and generally complete this within 24 hours of purchase.
  4.  Download your Deliverables, read the Client Project Planner e-book to for our meeting.
  5.  Complete the Questionnaire right away. We recommend giving yourself a couple hours to complete it.
  6.  Book your Appointment as soon as possible to ensure you receive the time-slot that works fo for you but please note that if you Questionnaire isn't received 24 hours before your meeting, it will be canceled it and you will need to rebook.
  7.  Be prepared for a day of rapid decision making.
  8.  For the best efficiency, commit to be being distraction free during our meetings and take your own notes.
  9.  Within the next 2 weeks, your products will be selected and filled up in your Client Portal.
  10.  Once order is complete, either done by us or by you, we will install all the furniture and styling pieces.

Please note that our Designs are detailed and comprehensive and conceptual in nature. We can not be liable for errors or omissions in receiving incorrect information, not following our measurement instructions, or delays outside of our control. Revisions and changes add time on to our 30 day package schedule and are billed at $180.00/hr plus 5% G.S.T.; they are estimated and paid in advance of any design work. It is important that the Client be ready to work through this service and have the time dedicated in their schedule to work on their project.

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