Designer For A Day

$2079 CAD

Level of difficulty

  • 1build
  • 2build
  • 3build

Price range of products

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  • 2monetization_on
  • 3monetization_on


  • Questionnaire
  • Shopping list
  • Mood board
  • Welcome Packet
  • Client Project Planner e-book ($25 value)
  • Perspectives of each room

Gaining the benefit of an experienced design profession and award-winning designer! Corey's Designer For A Day is a intensive interior styling service focuses on 2 rooms within 6 hours of personal 1-on-1 time (plus lunch!) and works for all types of rooms and ideal for the do-it-for-me homeowner who wants to self-implement. We visit 2-3 local showrooms near you to fulfill your design needs on the shopping day and within 7 days your room designs are complete. This is service available during 10a-6p on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in Metro Vancouver. Price includes 5% G.S.T.

During this service we will:

  1.  Meet for 1 hour at your home to review the 2 rooms you have in mind. We'll discuss the problems and challenges you're facing on-site.
  2.  Over lunch (on us) we will discuss potential options and types of design solutions that would apply.
  3.  Travel to up to 2-3 showrooms near you that apply to your design problem and review their product lines to find a the right fit.
  4.  Complete a Shopping List to you within a week of meeting. Just login and download.
  5.  NEW Provide on-going Message support during your self-implementation in the Client Portal. See point 11 for limitations.

General Package Instructions:

  1.  This design package requires your commitment and involvement and you agree to these terms upon purchase. It is imperative that Clients be ready to work through this professional service and have the time dedicated in their schedule to work on this design package.
  2.  We may not be able to cover every little designer detail, art, or accessory when working on your design for the day but you will have a strong design plan where you can add your own personal touches!
  3.  When providing us information or completing our instructions, it is very important to be as detailed and clear as possible. Do not be afraid of "over-sharing" because your information is confidential.
  4.  If at any moment during working together that you become unsure about the progress or terms of your design package, please discuss your concerns with us immediately.
  5.  Following the purchase of the design package, you are automatically in our Client Portal and you will automatically have access to your your project file.
  6.  We will need to turn on some features for you to upload Inspiration Images and this is generally completed within 24 hours of purchase.
  7.  Download your digital assets we included with your Design Package. Please read them and outline any questions you may have.
  8.  Complete the Questionnaire right away and we recommend setting aside 1-2 hours to complete it. Please be as detailed and comprehensive as possible when answering questions because it helps us help you the best way we can.
  9.  Book your Appointment as soon as possible to ensure you receive the time-slot that works fo for you. Appointments are available Tuesday to Thursday between 10a - 6p PT. Please note that if your Questionnaire isn't received at least 48 hours before we meet, we may need to cancel your appointment and you will need to reschedule at another time.
  10.  On the day of our in-home appointment, be prepared for a day of rapid decision making. For the best efficiency, commit to be being distraction free during our meetings and take your own notes.
  11.  If applicable, within the next 1 week, your products will be selected and filled up in your Client Portal. Once your Products and/or Deliverables are prepared, you will need to review, flag, and approve each item.
  12.  Ongoing Client Portal Message support is limited to 3 messages per week for up to 6 weeks following completion while you implement your design project. Our communications do not include telephone, text messaging or electronic mail (e-mail) and are additional services billed at our hourly rates below.

Our design work is detailed, comprehensive and conceptual in nature and it is not intended for architectural or structural use and we are unable to work over-top of another interior designers work. The purchase is non-refundable and non-transferable; it includes applicable federal tax. Design Packages are paid by major credit card using Stripe and their terms can be found here. We are not be liable for errors or omissions in receiving incorrect information from you, not following our measurement instructions, or delays outside of our control. Revision and change requests outside of the allotted time period will add delays to the proposed design work schedule and are therefore billed at $215.00/hr plus 5% G.S.T. and paid-in-full before the design work is released to you. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Pricing subject to change.

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