Project Consultation & Proposal

$575 CAD

Level of difficulty

  • 1build
  • 2build
  • 3build

Price range of products

  • 1monetization_on
  • 2monetization_on
  • 3monetization_on


  • Questionnaire
  • Client Project Planner eBook
  • Proposal For Design & Consultation Services

In-home meeting for new projects

This Project Consultation is focused on understanding the project in entirety. We want to understand your project goals in detail. Within a week or 2, we will schedule our Proposal meeting and provide documents representing what we think it’ll take to design your project. Although no design work is completed during this meeting, there is a nominal fee and you will have pre-work to complete.

What we will do

  •   Review your Project Questionnaire.
  •   Visit the project site for up to 90 min + see the possibilities.
  •   Discuss your concerns, challenges + dreams.
  •   Outline possible budgeting strategies + timeline.
  •   Schedule a Proposal presentation outlining flat fees.


  1.  Select "Purchase".
  2.  Register + log-in to your Studio.
  3.  Read your free copy of Corey's eBook "Design Project Planner".
  4.  In Questionnaire, to complete the project details. (allow 2-3 hrs.)
  5.  Schedule the Design Consultation.
  6.  Receive your detailed Proposal in your Studio.
  7.  Hire us for your next design project.

Consultations are scheduled Tuesday to Thursday from 10a - 4p. This service is inclusive of 5% G.S.T. (Reg. #8148 9393) is a one-time fee and provides (1x) initial 90 minute booking at your residence. Please note that no actual design work is completed during this meeting. Additional travel fees will apply outside of Metro Vancouver.