Designer Plus A Day

$2047.5 CAD


  • Questionnaire
  • Shopping list
  • Welcome Packet
  • Client Project Planner e-Book
  • Self-Measure Instructions
  • Concept layouts as required
  • 3D Perspectives as required

$1,950 + tax

Gaining the benefit of an experienced design profession and award-winning designer while implementing the design on your own! Corey's Designer Plus A Day service is an intensive day of shopping and another in-studio day of base-level planning for 1-2 rooms up to 250 sq. ft. We will visit your home, have lunch together, then head to up to 3 retail or specialty showrooms near you to source and try-on products. Within 7 days your 2D layout and 3D perspectives are uploaded and you can make up to 2 product changes. Appointments are available 10a-6p on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Metro Vancouver.

Designer Plus A Day Instructions

  1.  Book a Discovery Call and chat with us about your goals and objectives.
  2.  Purchase the service and you're automatically in your own Studio Portal. We'll need to manually turn on a couple of features for you complete some of the rest of the instructions and this usually takes about 24 hours.
  3.  Book your DFAD Appointment as soon as possible to ensure you receive the time-slot that works fo for you. Appointments are available Tuesday and Thursday between 10a - 6p PT.
  4.  Download and complete your Designer For A Day Survey Form. It's in a Word *.doc file or PDF. Once finished, scan and upload it into Space / project files. You can also use our Tip Sheet for measuring your room.
  5.  Upload 5-10 Inspiration Images directly into your Studio Portal**as soon as possible**. We use these images as a jumping off point to use in order to curate your new space and suggest the right retailers near you. Inspiration images must be uploaded at least 48 hours prior to our In-Home Appointment or the day booked will need to be rescheduled.
  6.  Take photos of the room and upload Existing Photos of the room you want to design.
  7.  We will review all your material submissions and make appropriate recommendations for lunch and the showroom locations in a Message. If you have any food allergies or restrictions, or if you have an mobility needs and can only visit accessible locations, please send us a Message as soon as possible so we can accomodate you the best way possible.
  8.  On Designer Day you need to be be prepared to make important decisions. Don't worry, we'll help you, but for the best efficiency you need to commit to be being distraction free during our meetings and take your own notes.
  9.  On the plus day, we will complete the the concept and 3D's and then it is over to you to your review. You can change up to 3 products and make 1 revision within 7 days.

From there, it is your responsibility to purchase products, arrange delivery, assemble and place products according to our recommended layout. It's important to note that by purchasing this service, you agree to the Designer For A Day Service Agreement.

G.S.T. #81489 3913 / P.S.T. (BC) #1000-7797